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 The Invincible Tanks of Who's Team?

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PostSubject: The Invincible Tanks of Who's Team?   Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:22 pm

At Operation: Eagle Claw, we introduced our 2 M307-B tanks which were so new that we couldn't even think of a way for them to die. Consequently, everyone ran for their lives from the tanks and the people inside didnt have a chance to see, let alone kill, anyone. Doesn't sound like much fun for anyone to me!

From now on we even the score!

Here are updates to the tank rules and updates starting at Operation: Equinox and going forward

-The tanks will be up-armored to prevent close quarters fire from injuring the occupants through the rear hatch. However, the roof will be removed for purposes later explained

-Any foam rocket or ball fired from a shoulder fired rocket launcher or grenade launcher will disable the vehicle for 10minutes and halt all fire from its occupants for the same amount of time. A Disabled vehicle will be displayed by a Red flag above the tank.

-Any NON-LIVE grenade thrown inside the tank via the open roof will disable the tank for 10minutes and halt fire from its occupants for the same amount of time. A disabled vehicle will be displayed by a Red flag above the tank.

-Both tanks will now be outfitted with Identification panels on the Drivers side, passenger side, and front of the vehicle. These detachable panels will be either a large T with a tan background or a large G with a green background to identify what force the tank is fighting for to prevent confusion.

-Tanks may also be outfitted with large Red Cross panels to identify them as ambulance vehicles where players may go to respawn.

We hope these new rules will help smooth out and integrate the tanks so they can be used by both sides to effectively assist them rather than cause confusion.
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The Invincible Tanks of Who's Team?
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